TRISH IS BORED WITH LIFE AND FED UP. She needs something new in her life, to do something she’s never done before. So she decides to go to New York, for the first time in her life. All alone. She wants to see the world and to forget. She’s ready for everything, except for meeting Ryan.

Ryan is a famous and handsome Hollywood actor. Everybody knows his name and he cannot go down the street without being recognised. He’s got it all, yet he realizes something is missing from his life, when he bumps into Trish at the airport.

What would you do if you were suddenly standing face-to-face with the man of your dreams from TV, who could not keep his eyes off of you, looking as if he’d want to take you to bed right away? And if you found out that your seats are next to each other on the London-New York flight?

Trish would like to run away but she can’t. The plane is taking off and she has to sit next to Ryan Davis, even if the man gives her the “no matter what happens, I’m gonna get you, babe” look. The more Trish rejects him, the more Ryan enjoys playing the game. Eight nights. That’s all he asks from Trish. Is that enough time to change two people’s lives forever?

Anita Tomor, the author of two bestselling books I’ve dreamt about you and Hello again, my dear ex, has come out with another fascinating love story. As usual, her book is full of romance, passion and unexpected events. It is page-turner, just like her previous ones.

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