LILY IS A STUDENT AT UNIVERSITY. Her only goal is to graduate and start working. She can barely afford rent and does not even dream about luxuries like a Louis Vuitton bag.

Lottie, her friend can only think about Louis Vuitton bags. Her boyfriend went back to Australia so she is on the hunt for a new Sugar Daddy who would support her and shower her with expensive gifts – for some compensation.

Lily is so far removed from this lifestyle; she shudders at the thought of being with someone only for material interests. But Lottie manages to persuade her into going to a party to meet potential candidates.

Logan is the kind of guy who knows what he wants. And he definitely knows what – or who – he wants after overhearing a conversation between two friends at a restaurant. He’s rich beyond imaginable and utterly handsome. Just the type one of them is looking for. But he wants the other one.

He makes an offer to Lily at the party. He offers to be her Sugar Daddy if she agrees to sleep with him. Regularly. The rule is simple: she can have everything she wants until she is with him, but she cannot meet or date other men. Lily wants to turn him down, but Logan does not take no for an answer.

How long can they keep up this arrangement? And what if they fall in love on the way?

Anita Tomor’s new novel is simply sensational. It’s compelling and unputdownable – just like the previous ones, I’ve dreamt about you, Hello again, my dear ex and Eight nights.

Warning! Highly addictive!

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